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What Is a Good Exit Song for a Wedding?What Is a Good Exit Song for a Wedding?

Exit Songs for Weddings

Including some French songs perfect for a wedding can never go wrong since it is the language of love.

So, let’s have a look at some of the French exit songs for a marriage.

La Vie en Rose: Sung by Edith Piaf, this track is simply a perfect one for a romantic occasion. You are likely to witness an impromptu sing-along wherever you are.

Ne me quittes pas: Sung by Jacques Brel, this desperate song delivery cannot be ignored. ‘Don’t leave me’ the singer implores throughout the track. This can surely melt your beloved’s heart.

Parlez-moid’Amour: An early 20th-century classic, this song is very charming. Sung by Piaf, Dalida, and Greco, this contemporary track adds magic to any romantic event.

Clair de Lune: This is Debussy’s most popular piano piece that adds a hint of perfection to any live performance. How can anyone not play this on a romantic moonlit event?!

La Rumeur: Sung by an acoustic singer-songwriter Christophe Mae, this song pours the feeling of heartbreak and shines a ray of hope through the lyrics. He insists upon ‘opening up the heart. Otherwise, I’ll sink’ in his romantic French song.

Le Tourbillon De La Vie: This song is from the French movie Jules et Jim sung by Jeanne Moreau. This song depicts the constant separation of two lovers and then getting back together, promises made by each other before parting ways again.

Je t’aime: Though this song is a complete cliché, it should be included in every romantic occasion.

Sung by Brigitte Bardot, the lyrics are written to show love to the singer’s third husband, a millionaire playboy Gunter Sachs, who showered her home with roses from his helicopter, what an impressive way! Anyone girl would melt easily.

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What Is the Most Romantic Love Song?What Is the Most Romantic Love Song?

Romantic Love Songs

Do you wish to dedicate a lovely French romantic song for your loved one?

Then, go through this article, and I’m sure you will get some great options for yourself.

Ces Petits Riens: Serge Gainsbourg is known as one of the provocative and the most popular and songwriters – singers in French music. This song is based on a man who is frustrated by his cruel lover.

I know it isn’t the best option to dedicate for your loved one, but this track does speak volumes about the bitter truth of ugly relationships.

Zou Bisou Bisou by Jean Bourchety & Gillian Hills: The Mad Men television show made the song “Zou Bisou Bisou” popular again. This track is a playful one. The song is about a lovely couple who sneak off to steal some of the sweet summer kisses.

C’est Si Bon by Yves Montand: This is a French song covered by almost all the jazz musicians including Angèle Durand, Louis Armstrong, Barbara Streisand, and Eartha Kitt.

Mens Moi by Camelia Jordana: Camélia is from Algeria and a famous French pop singer. This track describes the feeling when you fall in love for the first time.

Je Veux by Zaz: Zaz; the other name of Isabelle Geffroy, is a contemporary songwriter- a singer who is recognized for her bluesy, jazzy, and soulful style.

Deux by Keren Ann Zeidel: The neo-folk musician who has his roots in New York, Paris, and Tel Avis. This song is about a couple who try to let go the pain that they have caused each other.

La Mer by Charles Trenet: He is well-known from the late 1930s and 1950s for his recordings.

This song is about a reunion with a loved one. The song has covers, and the famous one is Bobby Darin’s English version.

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What Do You Buy Someone Who Plays Guitar?What Do You Buy Someone Who Plays Guitar?

Gifts for a Guitar Player

Getting gifts for guitar players can get very tough to find, but once you go through this article, I’m sure all your worries and confusion will fade away.

Guitar Smartphone Holder: This is simply great. A guitar smartphone holder can save a guitarist from reaching over to a laptop for reading his sheet music and chords. One needs to attach it to the guitar, refer his sheet music or any chords website, and enjoy playing hassle-free. Another plus point is that this holder works for all smartphones of all sizes.

Slide Ring: Mostly, the traditional rings cover an entire finger, but with this slide ring, it’s not the same. This slide ring can be worn comfortably without your finger being completely covered.

DiMarzio Clip Lock Guitar Strap: This one thing can make any guitarist happy. With these Clip Lock Guitar Straps, switching over from one guitar to another gets very easy for a guitarist.

Gig Bag: This a must-have for every guitarist. This is an essential requirement of a guitarist for providing protection to his guitar, holding the accessories like sheet music and cables. Gator Commander is what I’ll suggest picking since this bag has a lot of storage for holding all the necessary equipment. It also has a compartment for your laptop.

Kava Capo: A capo is a device that helps a guitarist to modulate and change the pitch of any music quickly. But remember not to buy a cheap one because of the quality matters. And so, Kava Capo is what I will suggest picking.

String Fuel Cleaner: The moment you read “cleaner” you must have thought what a boring idea this is, right? Wrong!!! A string fuel cleaner is, in fact, an essential part of producing quality sound. This string fuel cleaner helps in cleaning your guitar strings and maintaining lubrication, which preserves the integrity of strings. This also works efficiently in reducing string noise.

Iconic Champions League AnthemIconic Champions League Anthem

Song of the Champions League

If you are a football (soccer) fan, you know that it is impossible to imagine European football without the UEFA Champions League. You would also know that the Champions League anthem (officially called ‘Champions League’), is an integral element of the tournament. The hymn is as popular as the tournament itself.

You have heard it numerous times! It is played before every match of the League. Even if you are watching it on TV, the song is aired at the beginning and end of every broadcast. Broadcasters play the version performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Academy sang it of St.Martin in the Fields. There are special vocal versions that have been recorded too. A vocal version is typically performed live at the final match of the UEFA Champions League.

football fans singing at the stadium

We all know the anthem. But what is the story behind its composition? What do the lyrics mean? Let us find out!

A football tournament for European teams called the European Champion Clubs’ Cup was started in the year 1955. It was a simple knockout tournament where the winning team from the domestic leagues of various nations competed for the trophy.

As time passed, the sport gained overwhelming popularity. Commercialization took place. A simple knockout tournament was no more enough to attract the crowd.

In 1992, the League underwent an overhaul. Significant changes were made to the format of the tournament. The League was relaunched as we know it today. In this brand-new tournament, there was a group stage that teams had to clear before reaching the knockout. Some countries even started sending more than a single team to represent them.

However, to enhance the glitz and glam of the game, it was decided that the League would have its anthem too! Thus, the Champions League theme song was born. Tony Britten was entrusted with the task of composing an anthem for the League.

A graduate of the esteemed Royal College of Music, Britten drew inspiration from Zadok the Priest, composed by the 18th Century Musician George Frideric Handel. The piece was originally written for the enthronement of King George II. Britten made a few creative transitions to suit the mood of the sport.

It is about 3 minutes long. It is made up of two short verses and the chorus. Also, if you’ve paid attention, you would have noticed that the lyrics are not in a single language. The UEFA has three official languages – English, French, and German. Thus, the lyrics of the anthem are also a mix of these three languages.

Liverpool supporter singing song

Amidst all the international sporting events where the national anthems of the competing teams are played, the Champions League theme song stands out as a unique anthem for a continental tournament.

It boosts the sports enthusiasm among the thousands of crazy fans, right before the kick-off!

Every little boy or girl that loves soccer dreams of playing in the Champions League sooner or later. To reach this goal, you need quality soccer equipment. Visit the website and get yours today!

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What to Get a Teenager Who Loves Music?What to Get a Teenager Who Loves Music?

Music Gifts for a Teenager

Buying something for teenagers can get a tough task, especially when it comes to music gifts. Teens today are very particular about their gifts, and we wish to get them something they will think is very cool. So, here’s a briefly-described list of some best music gifts for teenagers.

Headphones: Getting your teenage kid a set of fabulous headphones will never go wrong. Check for brands and the quality of the headphones before buying any.

Speakers: If your kids love to crank up the tunes in their rooms, then these are the perfect ones. Go for waterproof speakers with Bluetooth capability. Also, check for the sound quality. These little portable powerhouse speakers can do the job efficiently.

iTunes Gift Cards: Getting your kids iTunes gift cards is also a well-thought idea. These iTunes gift cards can help your teen buy his favorite music for his digital collection.

Guitar: We all know kids these days are too much into guitars, then why not gift one to your teenager? Just remember what your kid plays, an acoustic or an electric guitar. Buy the instrument from a store rather than buying online. A store will have some experienced employees who can help you pick one for your kid.

Concert Tickets: Giving your kid a concert ticket for his favorite band is a splurge gift your teenager will be excited about.

Pocket DJ Mixer: Is your kid too much into DJ things like mixing up songs? If yes, then this is the best you can gift your little love. A small portable DJ mixer can easily slip through pockets but can surely belt out the sounds from your kid’s phone.

Smart Ukulele: Gifting your musician kid, a smart ukulele that can be connected to Bluetooth easily, is always a thumb up. By connecting it to Bluetooth, your kid can play along on the light-up fretboard with the app included.

Whatever you gift your teenage kid, give it with your utmost love and blessings, I’m sure he/she will love it.

James Webb Space Telescope Mirrors Undergoing Cryogenic Testing

James Webb Space Telescope SongJames Webb Space Telescope Song

People have used music as a medium to voice their opinions for a long time. The same was done by one of the most celebrated directors of NASA, James E. Webb.

He was so overwhelmed by the unintended fame and popularity he was receiving due to the naming of the next-generation telescope after him that he chose the path of music to express his sentiments about the same.

The James Webb Space Telescope song is based on real-life events of James E. Webb, notably the series of events that followed after the naming of the telescope.

The JWST is considered as the successor of Hubble Telescope and is believed to be launched in orbit around the Sun.

With a 6.5 meter segmented mirror sensitive to infrared light, the telescope will be used to serve the following three-fold purpose ranging from unraveling the mystery about the formation of stars and early universe post the Big Bang to finding out other life-supporting planets present in the universe.

The song begins with Webb explaining one of his old college friends who congratulated him on having a telescope named after him that the situation is not the same as what it looks like.

He has mentioned in his earlier anecdotes that the state has become so obstinate with time that he has to explain through every medium he could including e-mails, in person, and even Facebook posts that the JWST is not his invention.

In the subsequent line of the song, he is seen clarifying the dilemma of his niece who congratulates him on bagging such a great achievement, that the credit does not belong to him and he has nothing to do with the telescope. According to James Edward Webb, these two incidents mentioned in the song are a portrayal of several similar events that have taken place in his real life.

The main catch in the James Webb Telescope song is the incident where he describes his light-hearted face-off with the original man, that is, the lead architect of the JWST, Dr. John Mather.

Mr. Webb meets him at a conference organized by the American Astronomical Society. While they talk at the meeting, Dr. Mather jokingly asks Mr. Webb about the telescope designed by him but still being named after James E. Webb.

He describes that moment as both uneasy and bewildering as he has to repeatedly make it clear to every person out there that he is not the person the greatest telescope in humanity is named after.

James Webb Space Telescope Revealed

Finally, the song concludes with James E. Webb utilizing the power of Google to solve his existential crisis. The results that show up in the Google search before and after the naming of the telescope are wide apart.

Initially, he has an identity of his own and is recognized as a politician and songwriter. But since the naming of the JWST, all he can see when he googles his name is the series of results explaining the features and working of the telescope, whereas his introduction pops up on page 15.

He metaphorically compares the difficulties he has faced since the naming of the telescope to royal pain at the end of the song. The usage of royal pain is entirely justified and apt at the end.

Are you into stargazing yourself? Please take a look at the exoplanet science website and browse their selection of fantastic beginner telescopes today!

Church organist playing organ during wedding ceremony

What Is the Most Popular Song Played at Weddings?What Is the Most Popular Song Played at Weddings?

Most Popular Wedding Songs

Weddings are the perfect time of the year where you feel like expressing your love for your better half in front of the whole crowd.

And music is the best way to express your feelings. French songs for a wedding can attach that typical vibe to a wedding.

French weddings are just about love in the air accompanied by some classical French romantic songs.

So, let’s take a look at some of the romantic French tracks to liven up your wedding day.

La Mer

Sung by Charles Trenet, this song is one such classic number that you should not forget playing. This song is familiar with right from your parent’s generation to yours, so this music can surely add romance to the air and the aura.

Pour Que Tu M’aimes Encore

Who can forget playing Celine Dion’s songs to their wedding? Sung by the famous singer Celine Dion, this song is genuinely romantic and passionate. The lyrics depict the pleads of a lady for her ex-lover.

Parlez Moi d Amour

Luiceene Boyer sings this song. The lyrics of this song are great, and it also has the stances of love and energy.

For me, formidable

For me, formidable is a romantic song sung by Charles Aznavour. This song can surely add romance to any event. The lyrics of this song have also been penned down beautifully.

Le Tourbillon

Sung by Jeanne Moreau from the film Love Me If You Dare, this track is very romantic. The lyrics of this song depict the girl’s beauty like her pale oval face, mesmerizing voice, and her pale oval eyes.

T’es Belle

Volo sings this charming song. The lyrics of this song mean that you look pretty anytime, anywhere, great, isn’t it?

Professional violinist teaching her student

What Is the Best Gift for a Musician?What Is the Best Gift for a Musician?

Gifts for a Musician

Do you have a musician friend? Are you thinking hard about which music gift to buy for him/her this birthday? If yes, then read this article, and I’m sure all your doubts will fade away.

Many music gifts can be thought of for a musician friend, but all of it depends on various factors:

  1. Which instrument does your friend play? (an undeniable factor)
  2. What is your budget? (because you’ll have to opt for something that won’t create holes in your wallets, right)

Once these things are clear in your mind, you can begin with your hunt. Giving a guitar as a gift for your musician friend will never be a bad idea since almost everyone is into the instrument these days.

Now, before hunting for the guitar, think of what your friend exactly plays? Is he more into strumming some James Taylor or shredding some Ozzy? In the first case where your friend needs a guitar which can help him rock up a party and play a few favorite songs, choosing an acoustic guitar is what I’ll suggest.

However, one cannot add many effects to this kind of guitar. Also, these guitars are the most budget-friendly ones. But in the latter case, choosing an electric guitar will be appropriate, since it has an external amplifier which is widely used for sound expansion. Electric guitars are also quite expensive since they have many accessories. Therefore, getting a starter pack will be an easy option if you don’t want to bulk up the price.

The next question that should pop up in your mind is whether to stick to top brands? No, not necessary. I know top brands means good quality, but if you’re buying an instrument for the first time, you need not worry about top-notch brands, just know whether the guitar plays right.

In short, you, too, need to have some knowledge about guitars before picking any. Also, know your friend and his taste better before zeroing down to any guitar.

4 Best Music Gifts for Kids4 Best Music Gifts for Kids

There are so many ways in which your little one might get impressed with the touch of music. The situation of the perfect amalgamation of learning to accept forms of music as gifts is a pleasing scenario.

At times, it becomes difficult to choose the ideal gift for your child. In such a situation, you must get to terms with better music gift items. To keep your kids happy, some of the best music gifts for kids are available to let them go with the flow.

Therefore, if your child’s birthday is nearby and you want to impress your loved one, then check out some of the most original options to gift today!

Cartoon kids with music notes

Music items that act as beautiful gifts

Kids love surprises, don’t they? Especially when it concerns some out of the world aspects, the child truly loves to explore every single bit of it. Thus, if you are unsure what gifts should be perfect for your child; some of the best music gifts for kids are as follows:

1. The symphony guitar

This is one of the most versatile instruments that your kids will love to play. Some children might have an interest in learning some musical instruments. Here, you can ultimately start with the guitar.

This guitar is quite gentle to use and comprises of strings that are not hard on the hands. The model, more or less, represents an original guitar model only. This will inspire your little one to maybe starting their band?

2. The song game

This is the latest entry that parents can think of when buying the best music item. This game is pretty spontaneous. It all starts with a small juncture, where the kids must get the number to sing a song. You can sing any song you like, based on your preferences. Now you must go on and on until you reach the final destination.

3. The xylophone

This is also an incredible gaming aspect that all kids will love, in terms of the significance of coordination of musical beats. You can play any tune you like and get coordinated with your partner in analyzing the music. This is an excellent gift if your kids love to play and understand some basic tunes.

4. The Disney Microphone

This is also one of the best music gifts for kids, especially girls. Various Disney models are going to accompany your kids to the best musical journey. Just pick up the microphone and imitate yourself as the biggest pop star. The microphone gets connected to a small MP3 player, and the songs seem to come out of an audiobook.

young girl playing guitar over blue background

The final thought

The list above is put together with the help of a fantastic German gift site called Stonefoot. Visit them if you are looking for some great inspiration to buy gifts for you children!

As parents, it is a standard duty to provide the best form of entertainment to your child. Therefore, if you are too confused about what to give, then feel free to pick up some musical items this time. Your kids will love to play with it and learn something new every day!

Portrait of classical musician with french horn

Taking Note of the Best French Music ArtistsTaking Note of the Best French Music Artists

The universality of music lies in accepting the roles of the community to listen to other genres of music as well. In terms of better standards of soulful sound, the best French artists have always stayed superior and quite fabulous.

To bring you in close acquaintance with French music, you should know what this type of music is all about. There is a luxurious feel to all sorts of French music that you hear. It is with this identity that French music is thriving by some of the most famous artists.

On that very note, let us carefully dig into some of the most relevant French artists of all time.

pianist from his back playing in the dark

Famous French music artists and their take on music!

Over the years, the take and taste of French music have shifted from one form to the other. Therefore, some of the most well-known and memorable French artists that you should know of are as follows:

Edith Piaf

She is known to be one of the best French artists and has collaborated with other singers as well. Her music career dated back to the time when she used to sing on the streets to feed her family. On that account, she is now known for some of her best classic, which is indeed memorable.

While many critics have commended her for her performance, the particular note can be taken of Sacha Guitry, who commented, ‘’she is too beautiful to be true!’’.

Maurice Chevalier

This young retro singer was crowned to be one of the most deserving leading French artists of all time. Luckily, his music stands on higher grounds even today. People love to hear him, and some of his songs are still on the chartbusters list. You can always listen to some of the most authentic music of Maurice through recordings.

Jacques Brel

Known to be one of the best French artists of all time, this singer is known for its essential lyrical taste and blending of fusion into the world of music. His music is soulful and is defined by pain, nostalgia, and emotion. The emotional ability, combined with the majestic voice of this singer, has been quite commendable even in modern French music of today!

Serge Gainsbourg

For more than a decade, Serge Gainsbourg was the ultimate artist that took the whole world by storm. Known to be a poet at heart, this singer is said to infuse passion into the hearts of music that he creates. You can easily recognize love in the songs that he writes and sings.

Charles Aznavour

Even at the most fragile age of 70 years, Charles Aznavour still sings some of the most brilliant French songs. The work power and the advancements that he has incorporated into the world of French music is genuinely commendable. You can get in touch with some of the best songs of this artist in cassettes, as well as recordings.

Therefore, all of the above-listed names are the magical French artists that still dwell in the hearts of individuals today!