What Is the Most Popular Song Played at Weddings?

Church organist playing organ during wedding ceremony

Most Popular Wedding Songs

Weddings are the perfect time of the year where you feel like expressing your love for your better half in front of the whole crowd.

And music is the best way to express your feelings. French songs for a wedding can attach that typical vibe to a wedding.

French weddings are just about love in the air accompanied by some classical French romantic songs.

So, let’s take a look at some of the romantic French tracks to liven up your wedding day.

La Mer

Sung by Charles Trenet, this song is one such classic number that you should not forget playing. This song is familiar with right from your parent’s generation to yours, so this music can surely add romance to the air and the aura.

Pour Que Tu M’aimes Encore

Who can forget playing Celine Dion’s songs to their wedding? Sung by the famous singer Celine Dion, this song is genuinely romantic and passionate. The lyrics depict the pleads of a lady for her ex-lover.

Parlez Moi d Amour

Luiceene Boyer sings this song. The lyrics of this song are great, and it also has the stances of love and energy.

For me, formidable

For me, formidable is a romantic song sung by Charles Aznavour. This song can surely add romance to any event. The lyrics of this song have also been penned down beautifully.

Le Tourbillon

Sung by Jeanne Moreau from the film Love Me If You Dare, this track is very romantic. The lyrics of this song depict the girl’s beauty like her pale oval face, mesmerizing voice, and her pale oval eyes.

T’es Belle

Volo sings this charming song. The lyrics of this song mean that you look pretty anytime, anywhere, great, isn’t it?

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